Custom Cocktails Made in Weeks, Not Years

MOBA allows anyone–from bartenders and mixologists to home enthusiasts–to get started with barrel-aged cocktails and spirits, producing results in days rather than years.

With MOBA, you have the ability to accelerate the maturation process to enhance flavor and customization, without compromising quality.

  • Select a Recipe

    Simply choose a MOBA recipe in the app based on your desired flavor profile.

  • Add Spirit & M-Stack

    Pour your base spirit into MOBA and your choice of M-Stack Pack.

  • Start the Recipe

    Seal the barrel lid and start the recipe. MOBA will deliver perfectly aged results in days.

  • Kick Back & Enjoy

    Let your new, custom spirit cool, then raise a glass and enjoy. Cheers!

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Barrel Aging Made Easy. No Extra Equipment Needed.

MOBA makes it easy for anyone–from whiskey enthusiasts to experimenting newcomers–to achieve consistent results, tailored to the exact flavor you're seeking.

No more wasted whiskey. No more nasty negronis.


Start Barrel-Aging Spirits in Minutes

600+ experiments and blind taste tests later, MOBA has hit home bars with rave reviews

  • “We love being able to mature barrel aged spirit blends that don’t exist yet.”

    Michael & Sylvia L, San Francisco

  • “I was skeptical at first, but was really took a bottle that cost less than $20 and turned it into something that tasted like $70 or $80 per bottle.”

    Michael L, Chicago, IL

  • “I bought everclear from a local distiller and turned it into a sipping whiskey.”

    Rich J, Philadelphia, PA

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  • ✅ Takes 1 week
    ✅ Real Maturation
    ✅ Completely hands-off
    ✅ Tried-and-tested results

  • ❌ Takes months - years
    ❌ Mostly oak infusion
    ❌ Waste liquor on leaks
    ❌ Results are often undrinkable

Hold your spot in line for the next batch of barrels

There is a limited quantity of MOBA barrels available per batch. Barrels will ship sequentially by batch number on a first-come first-served basis. Order MOBA today to reserve your smart barrel in the next batch.