What is MOBA?

MOBA is an internet of things (IoT) enabled electronic device that is plug-in powered to heat, cool, mix, and aerate a spirit.  With the addition of selectively seasoned, toasted, and charred wood tiles, these inputs are controlled to mimic and accelerate barrel aging conditions.  MOBA’s heating and mixing functions help increase the rate of maturation.  MOBA’s aeration and cooling functions ensure that the oxygen consumed during maturation is replenished and help minimize the amount of spirit evaporated. 

What are the M-Stacks?

Wood and paper.

Right now, we specifically use American White Oak (in time, we have plans for other types). We treat the wood in the same way that coopers treat barrel staves (staves are the wood that makes up the walls of wooden barrels): heat, fire, and water.

The paper is the same type of paper used in tea bags. We wrap the wood in the paper to keep char and wood fines out of your spirit.

How do I start using my MOBA?

Download the app onto your phone, create an account, and the app will guide you to register the device.  

Add your chosen distilled spirits and MOBA wooden tiles to the tile cage.  Close the lid on the stainless steel vessel tightly and place the vessel into the main body of your MOBA, making sure to align the air line. Now use the app to select and start your recipe. MOBA will run the selected recipe to completion with no further input necessary.  

Once completed, pour the matured spirit into the vessel of your choice, rinse/clean MOBA, then design and make your next custom spirit.

What is spirit maturation?

Distilled spirit maturation is a chemical process that occurs when a spirit is stored in a wooden barrel.  The change in chemistry changes the flavor profile in a manner that most people prefer over the spirit that was initially added to the barrel.  Traditional maturation takes years or decades, MOBA takes a week. You can read more about spirit maturation basics here.

How long does it take to mature a spirit with MOBA?

It can take as little as a week or go for months, depending on the flavor profile that’s desired. 

What equipment do I need to get started?

  • Your MOBA and one of the tile packs that comes with it. 
  • iOS or Android enabled smartphone.
  • Local WiFi (2.4 Ghz network) for MOBA to connect to
  • A 750mL bottle of distilled spirits.

What types of spirits can MOBA age?

There is no specific limit to the type of spirits that MOBA is capable of maturing.  We included Agave (tequila, mezcal, etc.), Whiskey (malt, bourbon, rye, wheat, etc.), Gin, Rum/Rhum, Baijiu, and Brandy as recipes to start with because these are the types of spirits we have had the most interaction with and believe that they will cover the majority of our customers’ interests.  That said, there is no reason to believe that other spirits would not work as well. 

What’s the first distilled spirit I should try to age?

We recommend going on the same journey as our founders did, and try an agave spirit like tequila or mezcal.  Blanco (totally unaged) tequila and mezcal is readily available at stores, and very low quality spirits can be totally transformed using MOBA.  There’s a ton of value here and it’s a low cost way to start understanding the power and creativity you have with this tool.


MOBA Don’ts

Do not put MOBA, the stainless steel vessel, lid or any other part of MOBA in the dishwasher.  MOBA can be cleaned after each batch

How do I clean MOBA?

MOBA ships with a removable stainless steel vessel that holds the spirit during the maturation cycle.

The stainless steel vessel should be removed from the body of MOBA and can be cleaned with warm soapy water.

Soapy water should be thoroughly rinsed to ensure that the soap doesn’t spoil your next batch.  No judgments if you want to invent soapy spirits though.

The base/housing unit has inner electronics and should not need to be cleaned, and should not be exposed to water or other cleaning solutions.

Do not put MOBA, the stainless steel vessel, lid or any other part of MOBA in the dishwasher.  MOBA can be cleaned after each batch

What type of power source is used for MOBA?

Currently MOBA is only available with a Type A plug for 120V power sources.

What is MOBA made from?

MOBA is made from a plastic shell.  The components that interact with the distilled spirits are all food-grade stainless steels and food-grade, alcohol-compatible plastics.

Mobile Application

Can I register multiple MOBAs to my account?

Not yet, we’re working on it though.  You can, however, have more than one account.

How do I provide feedback on recipes?

For the time being, we monitor for feedback.  In the future, feedback will be collected through the app.  


Is MOBA patented?

MOBA and various aspects of the underlying technology are patent pending.

Is it legal to use MOBA at home?

Yes. While it is illegal to process and sell distilled spirits without the proper license, there is no license needed to barrel age, consume, and/or share your own distilled spirits.