Finally, a Smarter, Faster Barrel for Aging Spirits at Home

Traditional barrel aging takes years and lacks precise, repeatable results. With MOBA–the world's first smart electric barrel-aging system–anyone can produce consistent, high-quality aged spirits at home in days with the touch of a button.

Simply select a recipe in the MOBA app, add your preferred spirit and corresponding M-Stacks, and press start. MOBA heats, cools, aerates, and mixes your distilled spirit, resulting in a higher quality spirit, customized to your ideal flavor profile.


Accelerated Maturation: How MOBA Works

MOBA’s heating and mixing functions help increase the rate of diffusion and chemical reactions that take place during standard barrel aging.

MOBA’s aeration and cooling functions ensure that the oxygen consumed during maturation is replenished and help minimize the amount of spirit evaporated. 


Create flavor with M-Stacks

MOBA creates flavors in barrel-aged spirits that are identical to those produced through traditional maturation in a fraction of the time. This is achieved using selectively seasoned, toasted, and charred wood wrapped in packets called M-Stacks.

M-Stacks are used as the wood input to impart flavor during MOBA's accelerated maturation process.

  • MOBA Smart Barrel System

    ✅ Takes 1 week
    ✅ Real Maturation
    ✅ Completely hands-off
    ✅ Tried-and-tested results

  • Mini Oak Barrel Kit

    ❌ Takes months - years
    ❌ Mostly oak infusion
    ❌ Waste liquor on leaks
    ❌ Results are often undrinkable